Harry Potter Wizard Costumes

Ah, Halloween. My kids’ favorite holiday, and the one most likely to make me pull my hair out! Happy Halloween. Eat some candy. You deserve it. 

This year my oldest decided he was going to be Harry Potter. Easy, right? Scarf, robe, wand, scar and glasses. 

Of course, his bookworm sister wanted to be Hermione. This Potterhead mom was thrilled. 

As it turns out, commercial Hogwarts gear costs money, which I don’t really keep around. And you can’t find plain back robes anymore (I swear, those were a Halloween staple when I was a kid). So we made the costumes. (Read: I made the costumes.)

My first project was the wands. There are lots of good tutorials detailing this process out there. Basically, I took large bamboo skewers and used a hot glue gun and paint to recreate Harry and Hermione’s wands. Total cost: less than $15, including a new glue gun because mine disappeared in a move. 

Shown here with “Pumpkin Juice”

Next, the scarves. I went to the thrift store and found two knit shirts, red and yellow. I cut the sleeves into 2.5″ strips, turned them sideways and sewed them together. It was the lazy woman’s way. 😄

Once I got over my disgust at having to sew robes, I got started on those. 

For my size 6-7 kids, I bought solid black XL men’s t-shirts. Lay the shirt out flat, and use a shirt that fits a little big on the kid as a pattern. Mark the t-shirt about an inch from the underarm seam. 

Now cut from the end of the sleeve to the mark, and from the edge of the hem to the mark. (Also, not shown, cut the front of the t-shirt from collar to hem.)

Turn the shirt inside out and sew up the new seams. I didn’t do anything to the front, since the knit doesn’t unravel. To keep the robe closed, I used Velcro squares. Even if you get the sticky kind, reinforce them with a few stitches. 


I dyed Harry’s hair black, and put braids in Hermione’s to give it some volume. 

Final step: the scar! Use makeup to draw a lightning shape on the forehead. 

Glasses are simple black plastic frames. He got them at a school carnival. 

The kids were thrilled and now think I can do anything. I may not have thought this through. 😂😂


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  1. Well, you probably can do anything … but I remember that making costumes for various events over 20 years was not all fun. You should be proud, though! The costumes are great.


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